A question that’s always asked is. “Are yeast infections contagious?” Truth be told, Yes.

Anyone can easily get infected with yeasts. These yeasts are brought about by Candida Albicans, a natural yeast-like fungus present in the body that can multiply uncontrollably under certain conditions causing infection in other parts of the body, especially in the genital region.  For women especially, these bad boys like inhabiting the vagina making women more prone to it!

When a woman has a Candida infection, her partner can get infected with it during intercourse. Now don’t think that the lady is completely at fault – remember, yeasts are present in your body all the time. What triggers the Candida infection is when there is an overly abundant level of yeasts present, which leads to an infection.

There are a number of factors as to why yeast infections are in fact contagious, but first we need to understand the underlying causes of Candida which are the following:

•    Good bacteria depletion
•    High blood sugar level due to Diabetes
•    Hormonal imbalance due to menstruation or pregnancy
•    Weak immune system
•    Antibiotic drugs
•    Unhealthy diet
•    Celibate women

However contagious a yeast infection can be are, it shouldn’t necessarily be regarded as a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) because yeasts are naturally present in our body. The only difference is, they are not abundant and active until one or more of the above conditions kicks in. Compared to an infected person, where yeasts have multiplied in population causing yeast overgrowth that can lead to an actual infection.

Now the most common question is, how can one get infected with Candida? A yeast infection can be passed on during sexual intercourse. For example, a woman that has a yeast infection and has unprotected sex with her partner can directly infect her partner.  If you and/or your partner have an active yeast infection between you, be careful and practice safe sex until you have both addressed or eliminated the Candida infection.  Not only can your partner get infected but your baby as well. For example, if you are infected and are nursing, yeasts will inhabit the child’s mouth which can develop into an infection called oral thrush.

The thing most men should be aware of is that the symptoms sometimes don’t show up easily therefore, it may take some time before men can tell or confirm that they are yeast infected. These types of infections should be treated immediately to ensure your health is not compromised, and that your partner does not get infected either. See your Doctor if you feel you have the classic signs of a yeast infection.

There are medical and natural remedies that can help cure and crush Candida completely in just a matter of days. Remember though, it is very important to observe good hygiene, stay fit and eat healthy at all times to prevent a build of yeast, and therefore avoid the possibility of getting infected.  Hopefully we have adequately answered the question “are yeast infections contagious”, as we get this question all the time,”


If you wish to find out more, here's a video on the possible health risks of a yeast infection




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