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Thermobalancing Therapy - chronic prostatitis treatment

An interesting article for those of you like me, who have been suffering from chronic prostatitis.  It seems that we can look forward to a new chronic prostatis treatment called Thermobalancing Therapy.  I know all about taking long term antibiotics to treat this condition so to have a an alternate treatment without the use of antibiotics is great news.


Fine Treatment has come up with a new chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) treatment invented by Dr. Simon Allen. It relieves pelvic pain and other symptoms of prostatitis naturally, without antibiotics and painkillers.

Fine Treatment has demonstrated that men can treat chronic prostatitis without taking antibiotics and medication. The news brings great relief to many men and their families. The new Thermobalancing Therapy for chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) helps patients to recover without painkillers and antibiotics. Currently chronic prostatitis is treated with a long course of antibiotics (lasting 6 – 12 weeks or longer). However, the majority of men complaining of pain down under don’t have a fever, and test negative for bacterial infections. So the use of antibiotics, which are designed to fight infections, for the treatment of chronic prostatitis is pointless.

The following video clearly demonstrates a new way for men to treat chronic prostatitis without painkillers and antibiotics, and without taking the time out for the treatment. It shows a new chronic prostatitis treatment as the natural therapeutic Dr Allen's device eases pain and inflammation, restoring potency and increasing libido.

According to MedicineNet, “Antibiotics, even used for short periods of time, let alone for life-long therapy, raise the issues of both toxicity and the emergence of bacterial antibiotic resistance. (Bacterial antibiotic resistance means that the bacteria do not respond to the antibiotic treatment.)” According to eMedExpert, “Continued use of antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum antibiotics, can seriously disrupt the normal ecology of the body and render anyone more susceptible to pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria, yeast, viral and parasitic infection.”

It is true that some symptoms of prostatitis are so agonizingly painful that men would not wish them to their worst enemies. That is why a chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS) has been singled out as a special condition. It is used to designate unexplained pelvic pain in men in the absence of pyuria and bacteriuria (no pus cells or bacteria seen on microscopic analysis of the urine). Of course, in such cases men use a lot of painkillers that usually cause common side effects, such as drowsiness, constipation and others.

“Contrary to antibiotics and painkillers, the new Thermobalancing Therapy treats chronic prostatitis as it reaches the prostate gland effectively,” says Dr. Allen. “This new natural therapy improves the condition of the prostate gland gradually relieving the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.”

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This post on preventing yeast infections in men focuses on the main preventative considerations being a man's eating habits and maintaining a healthier diet. Foods that are rich in fiber are definitely good for you, while those consisting of too much sugar are not so good and its these foods (and drink) that need to be identified and limited in your diet.

tips on preventing yeast infections in menLet's start with antibiotics as one of the real causes of candida overgrowth and then move onto maintaining a hygienic and healthy diet regime to prevent this unwanted and potentially dangerous disease.

Antibiotics and Probiotics: If you are taking long term antibiotics because you are suffering from let's say a common ailment in men called prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland), there's probably not a great deal you can do as you need to keep taking your antibiotics until the problem has cleared up. I know what this feels like as I have been battling with prostatitis on and off for over 8 years now and it can take up to 12 months of antibiotics to clear up this nasty bug!

However once you cease taking prescribed antibiotics make sure you get yourself some probiotic supplements that will help to replenish the good bacteria that has been destroyed while taking your medication. Probiotic capsules usually contain billions of lactobacillus acidophilus organisms that aid in the maintenance of a normal healthy gastrointestinal system and digestive function. Also aids in maintaining a normal healthy immune system and helps improve general well-being. Probiotic supplements or tablets are generally available over the counter at your local pharmacy.

Personal Hygiene: A very important factor in the prevention of candida fungus is to pay close attention to your daily personal hygiene. Have a bath or shower regularly especially if you are a candida sufferer. Men need to keep their genital region clean, dry and free from chemically rich soaps and gels. Use cotton underwear and change your underwear daily, that's what our mums have been programing us to do since birth!

From here on, I caution a WARNING that men will not like reading the following vital information but it may avoid you getting a yeast infection or better still, may save your life!!

For more information on preventing yeast infections in men, visit the official Yeast Infection No More website.

What To Avoid in Preventing Male Yeast Infections:

Avoid Unprotected Sex: Men should also avoid having unprotected sex, I know its not the same! But despite the absence of yeast infection symptoms in some men, if their partners have already been diagnosed with yeast infection its inevitable that the fungi (Candida) will inevitably be passed onto them during unprotected sex.

Avoid These Foods: As mentioned in some of my other articles, foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates will keep feeding your candida or yeast infection symptoms. Avoiding daily or regular consumption of processed and fast foods (chips and burgers), beer, coke and related fizzy drinks will give you a great start to your candida prevention campaign. Try to not eat leftovers such as pizza or processed foods as this will only increase the yeast infection potential.


preventing yeast infections - foods to avoid prevent yeast infections - foods to avoid

drink to avoid to prevent yeast infections

Excessive alcohol especially beer is a known culprit when it comes to igniting a yeast infection.

I know this is tough for males to digest as we love burgers and pizzas and beer. Like anything else it's important to treat yourself only once in a while with these wonderful starchy and yeast loving foods!

Other Foods To Avoid:

  • Dairy Foods: recommended to avoid milks, butters, cream cheeses, sour cream, and other dairy products that could fuel your yeast infection.
  • Processed Meats: any processed meats, including bacon and spam, which comprise candida fuel such as sulphates, dextrose nitrates, and plenty of sugar. Best to also avoid vacuum sealed meats and smoked meats where possible.
  • Wheat Based Foods: basically any products that contain wheats, such as pastas and breads.
  • Gluten Foods: all grains that contain gluten such as wheat (including kamut, triticale, spelt), barley and rye should be avoided.

Avoid Sweets and Sweet Cravings: Avoid any kind of sweets as sugar certainly promotes the growth of yeast. Also good to avoid sweets that may contain other forms of sugar that you may or may not be aware of, such as corn syrup, sucrose, brown sugar, turbinado and dextrose. Artificial sweeteners should be avoided but if you do need an alternative form of sweetener, use the likes of stevia and erythritol as natural sweeteners.

Sweet cravings are controlled more effectively by eating protein such as natural seeds and nuts.  Nuts and seeds are known to starve your Candida and restricts its growth as the best alternative to eating sweets. However you should avoid pistachios and peanuts as they tend to have higher levels of mold content which once again would contribute to increased Candida levels.

More Yeast Infection Prevention Tips:


- Don't skip meals otherwise you won't prevent your sweet cravings!

- Try to eat slowly and chew your food as thoroughly as possible to improve your digestion and reduce your chances of an infection.

If you feel you are a candida sufferer or have been carrying the yeast infection for some time its never too late to change your diet and start eating the foods that are beneficial in avoiding yeast overgrowth. The combination of good hygiene and a healthy diet will at least set you on a path to recovery but stress that you must visit your local practitioner for expert advice and available treatments, especially if you have many of the symptoms that I have previously mentioned.

For more information on preventing yeast infections in men, click to visit the official Yeast Infection No More website.


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Disclaimer: The products and information contained in this preventing yeast infections in men post is not intended to replace your doctor's advice and recommendations.  The information is provided for informational purposes and persistent or frequent infections should be evaluated by a doctor or health care professional.